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    I have no clue what has been finalized but anyways I have a few suggestions and opinions things for the server!

    - I think that the most expensive spawner should be IGS
    - Cactus farms should be the main farm in the economy
    - Chunk hoppers and sell chest purchasable on the server store
    - Flying should be a voting reward as it encourages players to vote
    - Mob coins should be added since its fun to grind them
    - I don't think that there should be impossible enchants such as protection 5 since it ruins pvp
    - I think there should be a 15 second golden apple cooldown and 5 minute god apple cooldown
    - Daily KOTHs and envoys since they are both super fun
    - If custom enchants are added I don't think they should be super OP
    - Weekly events on the server such as parkour, spleef or anvil fall.

    Enjoy :)


    Thanks for your suggestions! We appreciate all the input.

    Currently, the status on each of those suggestions are as follows:
    1. IGs are already the most expensive and most profitable spawner.
    2. Cactus farms are (for the most part) the most viable farm.
    3. Custom hoppers and chests are in the works.
    4. We'll definitely consider temp-fly as some sort of reward, but currently that isn't something we've looked at.
    5. MobCoins are in! We think you'll enjoy how we have them set up.
    6. Impossible enchants are incredibly hard to get, we've tried not to make them too overpowered.
    7. Golden apple cooldowns aren't a feature we have considered yet; if the community is in favor of a cooldown, we will definitely work on adding something similar.
    8. While KOTHs won't be available for a while (this is, after all, a Skyblock server which is generally less PvP-focused), envoys may be coming soon. You'll have to wait and see!
    9. The available custom enchants are relatively simple; none of them will provide a generous advantage.
    10. Weekly events are already being planned out! We hope to make these as entertaining as possible.


    New Member
    Thank you, Gahu for the input!
    Here at Emperium we strive to create a perfect community and as well our Network.

    Kind regards,
    The Emperium Staff Team