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  • Skyblock v1.2: PvP Has Arrived! (+ Sumo Event)


    Skyblock v1.2.png


    ★ PVP ★
    The long-awaited arrival of PvP is now here! When PvP is fully released, type out "/warp pvp" in your text box and you've arrived! Players can now freely duel each other with the addition of Envoys and Custom Enchants!

    How do Envoys work? Occasionally envoy crates will drop in the arena, including exclusive drops like the Tier V Sell Wand! You can also get many other rewards, like Emperial Keys and the Emperor Rank! It's worth the fight.

    Along with PvP, we're introducing many other Custom Enchants that you can fight with so you're not dealing with your boring vanilla enchantments. Get ready for PvP, we hope to see you on the field!

    ★ SUMO EVENT ★
    On Sunday, at 6PM ET (3PM PT / 11PM BST), Emperium is hosting its very own custom sumo event!

    We've been working very hard over the past days to build and set up the upcoming sumo event. Here is a preview, and keep scrolling for the sumo event prizes:

    We're handing out very big rewards for the sumo event, so be sure to do well! Here are the exact prize details, consisting of three places:

    1st Place: $5,000,000 in-game cash OR 3 May Crate Keys (read more below!)
    2nd Place: $2,500,000 in-game cash OR 3 Emperial Keys
    3rd Place: $1,000,000 in-game cash OR 3 Mythical Keys

    ★ MAY CRATE ★
    At last we've developed a very new crate to go with the others, the May crate! This crate will be representing the month of May with exclusive rewards, only accessible from the store and other giveaways!

    Hop on the server now and check out /warp crates to preview!

    That's all! We hope to see you online for the event!