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    Emperium • Rules and Guidelines

    Hate Speech & Slurs

    Any discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise hateful speech on the basis of a player’s race, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. is strictly prohibitted. Additionally, any speech that is discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise hateful to any marginalized group will be considered hate speech. Players will be punished accordingly for using slurs, even if those slurs are blocked by Emperium’s chat filters.

    Any use of hate speech or slurs in any medium will be punished accordingly. This includes in chats, messages or PMs, signs, and builds (ex. spelling out words).
    1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    DDoS & DOX Threats
    Threatening to use a booter to take out someone’s internet is illegal, and will be severely punished. Releasing (or threatening to release) another player’s personal information (including, but not limited to: name, specific location, physical or IP address, gender, sexual orientation, phone number, social media accounts, photos) without their explicit permission will result in a permanent ban.
    Permanent Ban

    Staff Disrespect
    "Staff disrespect" includes any form of harassment, spamming, or otherwise insulting messages directed at staff members. This rule does not include constructive criticism, DMing staff members, or pinging them in Discord. It does include name-calling, spamming (pings, DMs, or in general chats), derogatory remarks, and otherwise insulting messages.
    2h Mute --> 1d Mute --> 7d Mute --> Permanent Mute

    Advertisement of Other Servers & Discords
    Advertising external server IPs and/or Discord links is strictly prohibited in general chats.
    Permanent Ban

    Advertisement of Personal Media
    Advertising personal media (including, but not limited to: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, personal websites or blogs) outside of designated channels is not allowed.
    1 Warning → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Inappropriate Links
    Posting links to screamers or NSFW sites, images, videos, etc. is prohibited.
    3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Inappropriate Nicknames & Staff Impersonation
    It is important to us that our players are able to express themselves through their in-game and Discord nicknames. However, any nicknames deemed to be inappropriate or which impersonate a member of staff are not allowed.
    Mute until the nickname is changed → Permanent removal of the ability to change your nickname

    Inappropriate Speech
    Inappropriate speech in general chats or PMs is not allowed. This includes any and all speech which includes sexual and otherwise NSFW allusions or content, death threats, explicitly offensive or sexual jokes, and other speech that is deemed inappropriate by staff.

    Any use of inappropriate speech in any medium will be punished accordingly. This includes in chats, messages or PMs, signs, and builds (ex. spelling out words).
    1 Warn → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Spam, Chat Flood, & Excessive Capitalization
    “Spamming” includes character drag (ex. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii), excessive gibberish or key-smashing (ex. kjhadgflhjhhikhkajshf), and general spam (similar/identical messages in quick succession). It also includes excessive capitalization of letters/words.
    1 Warn → 30m Mute → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    DM & Message Spamming
    If a player reports another player for spamming their Discord DMs or in-game messages, the reported player will be punished accordingly. Staff members will not punish players for this offense unless they are reported by another player.
    1 Warn → 30m Mute → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    “Trolling” includes (but is not limited to): tricking players into closing the game (ex. Alt+F4), and tricking players into executing commands (ex. /clear).
    1 Warn → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Griefing another player’s island or server warps is strictly prohibited, regardless of the circumstances under which the griefing player was doing so.
    7d Ban → Permanent Ban

    “Hackusation” includes publicly accusing another player of hacking. This prevents staff members from doing their jobs effectively, as players typically are more cautious with their hacks once they are found out. In order to report a player for hacking, use our Discord to create a private ticket, privately message a staff member, or use the in-game /report function.
    1 Warn → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Excessive Swearing
    Though Emperium does allow swearing in both its Discord and in-game chats, excessive swearing is not permitted.
    1 Warn → 1d Mute → 3d Mute → 7d Mute → Permanent Mute

    Blacklisted Modifications, Hacks, & Hacked Clients

    The use of blacklisted modifications or hacks is strictly prohibited. A list of allowed and disallowed modifications can be found below.

    • Optifine
    • Texture packs & shaders
    • Cosmetic modifications
    • Gamma modifications
    • Minimaps
    • Schematica (*no printer)
    • Badlion Client / LabyMod / related
    • GUI Modifications (armor / tool / potion status)

    • X-ray mods/texturepacks
    • Kill-Aura / MobAUra
    • ESPs
    • Any other "hacked-client"-related modifications not included in the allowed modifications
    Permanent Ban

    Real-World Trades & IRL Scams
    Trading in-game items or money for real-world money or services is strictly prohibited.
    Permanent Ban

    In-Game Scams
    In-game scamming includes, but is not limited to: not fulfilling your end of a trade, renaming items to misleading names and selling them, and stealing from islands you are invited to.
    Warn 3d Ban → 7d Ban → Permanent Ban

    Glitch & Bug Exploitation
    If you find an exploit, glitch, or bug in the server, please report it to staff immediately via these forums, a Discord ticket, or the in-game /report function. If you are found to have been exploiting a bug or glitch without reporting it to staff, you will be punished according to the severity and extent of the exploitation.
    2h to 7d Ban

    AFK Pools & Auto-Reconnect
    AFK pools and auto-reconnect tools are prohibited as they are unfair advantages for the playtime leaderboard. If staff members suspect you or your alternate accounts of using auto-reconnect, they reserve the right to test the suspected account by kicking it and monitoring its reconnect time.
    2h Ban → 3d Ban → 7d Ban → Permanent Ban

    Auto-Clickers / AFK Mining / Auto-Fishing
    Auto-clickers in any form are prohibited. An “auto-clicker” is defined as any modification that allows you to continue pushing down a button while away from your keyboard. This includes auto-clickers in mods and hacked clients, as well as macros and physical hardware modifications (ex. using tape or an object to hold down a button).
    2h Ban → 3d Ban → 7d Ban → Permanent Ban

    Schematica Printer
    While Emperium does allow the use of Schematica and other schematic mods for builds, the use of any “printer” function is not allowed.
    1 Warn → 3d Ban → 7d Ban → Permanent Ban

    Alternate Accounts
    A player may have up to three total accounts per IP address (two alternate accounts and one main account). Any player found to be exceeding this number will have their extra alternate accounts banned.
    Extra accounts permanently banned

    Punishment Evasion
    Using an alternate account, the /helpop in-game function, and other methods to evade a ban or mute will result in heightened punishments.
    Original punishment lengths are doubled, and any alternate accounts used for evasion are also punished. If a player is evading a permanent mute, they may be temporarily or permanently banned.

    If a player accrues four warnings for separate offenses, they will be temporarily banned for one day, regardless of what the warnings were for.

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