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    Minecraft Username: Ben_Shroom

    Type & Length of Punishment: 3 whole days

    Reason for Punishment: Abuse of Exploits

    Why do you believe this punishment was wrongly applied?

    I would like a reduction in my sentence please.
    While placing blocks in the air next to spawn with about 12 people (4 of whom haven't been banned and a few who were only warned) we caused no long term damage to the server, we neither gained anything from this and didn't effect anything substantial. The whole thing could've been stopped in an instant, all a staff member had to do was put a few messages in chat "If you place blocks at spawn you will be banned" rather than going on a hunt to get bans to prove themselves a good moderator, and just like that everyone would have stopped.
    Several people who were there at the time received warning not to build and therefore got away with it, how come this admin/mod applied some rules for some and some rules for another. Whether you did lots or a little you still did it and therefore should be put under the same category as everyone else.
    The things we built were not racist or inappropriate and therefore we did not cause offence to anyone. The issue could've been less of a problem if the staff member didn't world edit out the barrier blocks. After talking to skaga, an admin or moderator at the time dependant on their perms could've done a roll back for a certain area and for a specific amount of time. EG: /co rollback r:100 t;30m . Overall, the situation was blown way out of proportion with a 3day ban for a harmless build that was cleared in less than a minute. Although i'm being told to appeal i believe this is only so i can be denied, i have a feeling the staff doesn't like us on this server :)
    I do however apologise for my actions, i caused some staff stress that may not have been needed. So for that i am sorry for what my action have a caused.
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