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  • Mightybrothers1 Content Creator Application

    IGN: mightybrothers1
    Platform (YouTube/Twitch/Mixer): Youtube and twitch (I am most active on twitch)
    Channel Link: Youtube: youtube.com/mightybrothers1 Twitch: twitch.tv/mightybrothers1twitch
    YouTube Subscribers (N/A if none): 169
    Twitch/Mixer Followers (N/A if none): 112
    Average YouTube views: 119
    Average views on streams: 3-4
    Average streams or videos per week: I do at least 4 streams a week, I do not upload often however I would be willing to start uploading more, I haven't been recording much as I have ran out of ideas but I could do some more with Emperium, however I focus more on streaming.
    Total # of videos on Emperium: 0 videos however I had done a few streams on there in season 1.