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    New Member
    Minecraft IGN/Username: ExoticBird

    Any previous usernames (N/A if none): 1st username cklopson 2nd ExoticBird 3rd Shard5150 4th ItzMuffinTyme 5th Shard5150 6th ExoticBird

    Discord (include tag): Exotic#2925

    Location & Timezone: Phoenix Arizona. MST

    Age: 13

    Why do you aspire to become staff?: Because i love this server i found it out by my favorite streamer ^^ aka gmkingchop. and i want to help it grow as a community and make it more fun for the player.

    Tell us three attributes about yourself. i help people. im hardworking. and im active

    Have you ever been permanently punished on other servers? If so, for what reason?
    : i have not

    How long have you played on Emperium?: 2 days i know its dumb but i really like the server

    How many hours can you put towards Emperium? (answer in any format you would like): i can be on 4 or 5 days a week and for 3 hours but i can make alot of progress

    What experiences have you had which could help you as a staff member? admin

    What is the role(s) of a staff member?: well if your talking about a certain type of staff member usualy i would start out as a helper so i would have to be dedicated to helping the community

    Are you able to record your gameplay?: yes

    Are you currently working on any other projects?: no

    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    : no