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    New Member
    In my opinion, there's a lack of talking in the chats on discord. I think we should have some kind of level rewards. This would work like this:
    A user sends a message and gets exp for it. Then a timer goes off until the user can get exp for another message. This would prevent getting exp by spamming etc. I know there's a bot called mee6 that can do these kinds of stuff but sadly it is a paid feature but definitely something you should look into! And then the top chatter or the top 5 chatters of the month would get special rewards for their activity in the discord. Maybe these rewards shouldn't be something really OP but at least something that would encourage players to chat more often and would, in the long run, bring the community closer.

    Thanks, SeeTone.


    New Member
    Hello, SeeTone!

    We appreciate the feedback and would love to go into further information regarding a chat bot.
    Although we are getting closer to beta, I would assume the chat will populate more and more. And when we officially release Emperium Skyblock I am certain that the chat will be flowing pretty smoothly.

    Not a bad idea, we will look further into it!

    Thank you,
    Emperium Staff Team
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