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    After several long, grueling months of development, the administration team and I are proud to announce the upcoming public release of Emperium. Rather than focusing on a “completely custom-coded core” or “brand-new features,” we want to bring you the most polished and perfected Skyblock experience yet.

    The first beta testing session of Emperium will release on April 11th, and we need your help as a beta tester. At the moment, we’re looking for ten to fifteen experienced players who can help us turn over some rocks to uncover bugs and exploits. In exchange for your help, we’re offering rewards!

    MOST BUGS FOUND: $10 PayPal or $50 BuyCraft
    TOP BETA ISLAND: $25 Buycraft
    McMMO: $25 BuyCraft

    If all goes smoothly during the beta testing session, Emperium will release the next weekend. Apply for beta testing at
    this link.

    The ultimate goal of Emperium is to host a community every other server envies: friendly players, weekly updates and events, and a network bustling with activity. To do so, we need staff members who know their way around Skyblock. At the moment, we’re only looking for Helpers, Moderators, and Senior Moderators. After the application process and your acceptance, your maturity and experience with Skyblock will determine which role you fill. Apply for that role here.