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  • Beta Tester Application: Iceeyy

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    New Member
    Minecraft IGN: Iceeyy
    Discord: ice#6226
    Timezone: EST
    Age: 15 (16 soon).
    Have you played on Emperium before?: Yes
    Island?: essence.gif (Island Top #2)
    How active can you be?: Very active because of the current pandemic and the amount of time that I am on my PC.
    Do you have prior Skyblock experience?: On top of getting Island Top #2 after joining 2 weeks in, I have a lot of prior Skyblock experience. For 4-5 years, I played vanilla Skyblock on a different server and even got IsTop #2 as a solo player (the server has 100-200 players online on average).
    Is this your first time Beta Testing?: Yes, but I did find many bugs during the regular Season 1.

    Thanks for reading! <3


    Beta application accepted.

    You have been added to several Discord channels. Please follow the instructions listed there!
    Not open for further replies.