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  • Application Requirements, Tips, & Denial Reasons

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    Application Requirements, Tips, & Common Denial Reasons

    Conditions that must be passed to determine your eligibility for the staff team

    • You must have Discord.
    • You must be at least fifteen years old.
    • Your application must contain at least six-hundred (600) words, seven-hundred (700) including the application format.
    • You cannot have an active position on more than one other server.
    • You must have at least fifteen hours of playtime on the Emperium network.

    Typical reasons that an applicant is denied

    • Failure to meet the requirements listed above
    Lying about your age or any other material information in your application; it is more preferable to be underage than to be caught lying about it.
    Asking a staff member to review your application
    Re-using a pre-made application without any changes—this indicates a lack of effort and interest in the position.
    • Plagiarism

    To create the best possible application, read the following tips.

    Be patient—applications can take up to two weeks to be accepted or denied. We want the cream of the crop on our staff team.
    • Use proper grammar. Feel free to use a spellchecker or grammar tool like Grammarly.
    • Emphasize the information you want us to know first. If you decide you want to add more information from there, go right ahead.
    • Be and sound mature. If you're not an adult, act like you are.
    • When in-game, always assume you are being monitored. Every message you send counts towards the final result of your application..
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