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  • Appeal for building at spawn

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    Minecraft Username:
    Type & Length of Punishment:
    3 days, abusing exploits
    Reason for Punishment:
    Building in spawn
    Why do you believe this punishment was wrongly applied?
    There was no warning given about a punishment for building at spawn, it could of just been resolved though an warning in chat that if you do build at spawn you would be punished for it, it was also not a individual exploit since everyone on the server at the time was able to fly in spawn and had perms to build near the barriers, many other people was also doing the same thing however was only given a warning, Plus there was no harm done to the server since the buildings was gotten rid off in a very short period of time, in my opinion a 3 day ban is way too long and a shorter ban or just a warning given would be more appropriate for the situation.
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