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    1. Splitback

      Skyblock Season 2 • FEATURE RELEASE

      The long-awaited release of Season 2 is just around the corner. We took a few weeks of downtime to ensure that all of our features were as content-packed and flawless as possible. FEATURE RELEASE The Dungeon System One of Season 2’s largest releases will be the introduction of dungeons. To...
    2. Splitback

      Custom Enchantment List

      Emperium • Custom Enchantments Updated June 8th, 2020 | Organized Alphabetically AGILITY (I-III) A chance to give a burst of haste. Applied on swords. ANTIDOTE (I-V) Wither and poison do not injure and have a chance to heal at high levels. Applied on boots. ARCHER (I-IV) Increases damage...
    3. Splitback

      Skyblock v1.2: PvP Has Arrived! (+ Sumo Event)

      EMPERIUM SKYBLOCK • UPDATE v1.2 ★ PVP ★ The long-awaited arrival of PvP is now here! When PvP is fully released, type out "/warp pvp" in your text box and you've arrived! Players can now freely duel each other with the addition of Envoys and Custom Enchants! How do Envoys work? Occasionally...
    4. Splitback

      Skyblock v1.1: Gambling + Waterdrop Event!

      EMPERIUM SKYBLOCK • UPDATE v1.1 ★ GAMBLING ★ Gambling will be out soon! Check out our coinflip feature here. ★ WATERDROP EVENT ★ INFORMATION This Saturday, at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6PM BST), Emperium is hosting its very own custom waterdrop event! Our staff team has been working...
    5. Splitback

      Emperium Skyblock 1.0

      EMPERIUM SKYBLOCK 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION ★ RELEASE & BETA ★ SKYBLOCK 1.0 RELEASE Welcome to Emperium Skyblock 1.0. Releasing on April 18th @ 1 PM EST, Emperium aims to become the most polished Skyblock experience ever intertwined with one of the friendliest communities ever. Between weekly...
    6. Splitback

      Beta Tester Application Format

      BETA TESTER APPLICATION FORMAT If you are interested in helping find bugs prior to release, here is the place to apply. More information regarding the beta release will be coming very soon. Minecraft IGN/Username: Discord: Timezone: Age: Have you played on Emperium before? (N/A if you have...
    7. Splitback

      Beta Testing & Staff Applications

      WELCOME After several long, grueling months of development, the administration team and I are proud to announce the upcoming public release of Emperium. Rather than focusing on a “completely custom-coded core” or “brand-new features,” we want to bring you the most polished and perfected Skyblock...
    8. Splitback

      Media Application Format

      Media Applications If you are interested in posting videos or streaming on Emperium, here is the place to apply. IGN: Platform (YouTube/Twitch/Mixer): Channel Link: YouTube Subscribers (N/A if none): Twitch/Mixer Followers (N/A if none): Average YouTube views: Average views on streams: Average...
    9. Splitback

      Forum Rules

      Forum Rules Use common sense. This post cannot cover everything, so please use common sense while browsing and participating on the forums. No hate speech. Attacks against religion, race, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated under any circumstances. No double posting. Use the edit...
    10. Splitback

      Player Report Format

      Player Report Format Your Minecraft IGN/Username: Date: Minecraft IGN/Username of the player you are reporting: What happened?: Proof?:
    11. Splitback

      Bug Report Format

      Bug Report Format Minecraft IGN/Username: Version of Minecraft: Date: Explain in detail the bug/exploit: Give a step-by-step explanation on how this bug can be reproduced (N/A if this doesn't apply):
    12. Splitback

      Application Requirements, Tips, & Denial Reasons

      Application Requirements, Tips, & Common Denial Reasons REQUIREMENTS Conditions that must be passed to determine your eligibility for the staff team • You must have Discord. • You must be at least fifteen years old. • Your application must contain at least six-hundred (600) words...
    13. Splitback

      Server Rules and Guidelines

      Emperium • Rules and Guidelines GENERAL RULES Hate Speech & Slurs Any discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise hateful speech on the basis of a player’s race, sex, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. is strictly prohibitted. Additionally, any speech that is discriminatory, degrading, or otherwise...
    14. Splitback

      Staff Application Format

      EMPERIUM • STAFF APPLICATION FORMAT Minecraft IGN/Username: Any previous usernames (N/A if none): Discord (include tag): Location & Timezone: Age: Why do you aspire to become staff?: Tell us three attributes about yourself. Have you ever been permanently punished on other servers? If...