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    1. lqsers

      Extra 7 in Slayer 3 reward message

      Thank you for your report, Yoshii! I have resolved the issue, if you encounter anymore issues please be sure to let us know, and I apologize for the delayed response. regards, lasers
    2. lqsers

      Appeal for building at spawn

      Your ban time has been reduced, the thread has been locked.
    3. lqsers

      My appeal :)

      Thread Locked.
    4. lqsers

      Accepted Helper Application - yozhii

      Amazing Application, Yoshii! +1
    5. lqsers

      Sam's Staff Application

      Hey, Sam! Unfortunately your application has been denied, after further research we've discovered that you are in-fact working on other projects which one of them you listed as having for your prior experience. Another reason for denial is that we discovered you were lying about being a...
    6. lqsers

      discord - lqsers#5778

      discord - lqsers#5778
    7. lqsers

      Discord ranks

      Alixxer, Thank you for your suggestion! We will definitely have this in the future and will also look at having it in the future, however at this time we're working on many other things. I do agree it's an amazing idea, so +1 on it! The reason behind why we can't set it up yet with individual...
    8. lqsers


      Hey, Satisfyy! Thank you for your suggestion, missions will be updated overtime and will get to soon. We apologize for the delay, we're working on many other things! Lasers
    9. lqsers

      What's everyone's take on the best money making method?

      Agreed, melons work too but you'd need to grind a lot of mcmmo.
    10. lqsers

      Rejected get a block stack plugin and a #suggestions

      Thank you for the suggestion, Ov4! Your suggestion is currently under review. Thank you, Lqsers
    11. lqsers

      What's everyone's take on the best money making method?

      Realistically the Iron Golem makes way less money but it's extremely useful for island levels which matters a lot. So yes, in the end the Iron Golem is the best, but if you're looking for money you should go for the methods I listed above.
    12. lqsers

      Accepted /nick Suggestion

      Thank you for your suggestion, Mightybrothers1! We're currently reviewing your suggestion, we will get back to you as soon as possible, however it may take a few days. Thanks, Lqsers
    13. lqsers

      What's everyone's take on the best money making method?

      Best Farm - Auto Cactus Farm Best Mob Grinder - Cow, Rabbit, and Zombie Pigmen
    14. lqsers

      Recruiting for our island!

      I moved your thread from General Discussion to Island Recruitment, Wildcard. Good luck on recruitment!
    15. lqsers

      Remove minions chunk limit!!!!!

      Thread Locked.
    16. lqsers

      Discord Suggestion.

      Suggestion has been added, thread locked.
    17. lqsers

      Pending Staff Application- Lj1360

      Hey, Lj1360! Great application! I have seen you as an active member on Emperium, I'm wishing you the best of luck! Lqsers
    18. lqsers


      Hey, Lj1360! Thank you for your suggestion, I believe we will stick to 5 ranks however I agree the prices should be cut slightly. Lqsers
    19. lqsers


      Hey, Gahu! I like your suggestion and I agree with you on the change of custom enchants XP price. Regarding mob coins we are changing some things up, I can't say exactly what's going to be happening with mob coins but we're currently still working on them. Lqsers
    20. lqsers


      Thank you for the suggestions, Gahu! +1 on all these suggestions, I believe they should all be implemented and I believe we're still working out PvP related things which may be coming shortly or next season. Lqsers