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    1. Josh

      Suggestion: Reactions to forum posts.

      If I'm not mistaken there's already a reactions system in place? I've just "liked" your post, let me know if that comes through.
    2. Josh

      Anyone here recommend any Netflix or Amazon Prime shows that are worth watching?

      Stranger Things ftw, I usually don't like TV shows or films set in the past but even though it's set in the 80s, it's impressed me with it's mix of comedy, fantasy/scifi and action - would definitely recommend checking it out :) Suits is also a great option to consider if you'd like something a...
    3. Josh

      Off-Topic Guidelines

      Hi, Feel free to discuss anything unrelated to Emperium here. Please remember that forum rules still apply and failure to follow them will result in a sanction. Thanks.
    4. Josh


      Welcome to the forums mate. frogs bad
    5. Josh

      Hi, I'm Josh. I make Linux servers fly.

      Hi, I'm Josh. I make Linux servers fly.